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My chemical ballsack

Posted by SUSSYBAGEL - June 19th, 2021

Okay I know I said I was going to make Sour night funky first but I just have to talk about my chemical ballsack.

You guys don't know this, and you probably would have never suspected this, but for my first two years of high school I was a super cringy MCR fan girl. like it was bad like someone should have freaking arrested me or bullied me harder or something. I even cut my hair like Frank iero and I did my eyeliner like him like I would do the x's over my eyes it was bad. and I remember I did really cringy stuff like I signed up for like the school's talent show and I sang a my chemical romance song. and I do a lot of my chemical romance fan art that I no longer have because I gave it to my foster sister because I didn't want to take that with me because I was so embarrassing but I kind of wish that I would have taken it with me because it was really funny. But like yeah I was bad and I learned something from it, I learned a lot of useless information about my chemical romance. like everyday I was going YouTube and I've seen there's not a single My chemical romance video that I have not watched. I have seen every performance every music video every Nightcore video every interview every crappy 2008 meme I've seen all of it. So obviously I learned a lot of stuff. Like did you know that Gerard is a furry? They also had two failed songs that never got released, and a lot of different mascots and merchandise that never got used. Like they used mousekat once and never again after that. Like he made an appearance once in a music video and they tried to profit off of him, but nobody really liked him so they scrapped it. Gerard also used mousekat on the cover of one of his comic books for the killjoys series which was made to promote their danger days album.

and then there was this weird obsession everybody had withdrawing really weird like furry type art of Gerard and Frankie, like it was a really weird like they were drawn as bats but they had human faces. And it became a trend like I don't know why it became a trend but it did and they saw it themselves and they thought it was kind of cool so they drew their own weird furry art and tried to profit off of it as merchandise but it never sold either. And there are a lot of things that I could milk as a cartoon. Like the furry rumor, the eyeliner fight, the bus story, the frerard thing, there's so much weird stuff. and behind the scenes they were all super nice people they're really funny and really hyper energetic I just think it's kind of funny because they make emo music and they look depressing and edgy and stuff but behind the scenes they're super nice people like they're so nice and happy all the time like you wouldn't even believe that they were in an emo band if you didn't know who they were. And they all had kids of their own so they're a really great with young fans and children in general minus all the NSFW crazy stuff they did. And Gerard has said some pretty crazy things. Like really crazy things. to be honest I could make an entire iceberg video about My chemical romance. Like there's that much content revolving around them. But I don't want to bore you guys so I'll stop talking now and if you want to hit me up on like Discord or something we can totally like I don't know hang out and you can watch me draw My chemical ball sack and like sour night funky.



I never knew some of these things about chemical romance

I could literally write an entire book about them